Top 5 Favorite Activity Ideas for Kids

Having kids does not only mean that you feed them and protect them from danger. As a parent you also have to ensure that your children are constantly active and that they just don’t sit and watch TV. Being active does not only benefit children physically, it also benefits them mentally as well.


However, it can be a bit tricky to figure out the types of activities that your kids can engage in. Basically, activity ideas for kids can be divided into indoor and outdoor activities. These two categories can then be further divided into sub-categories.

For instance, under indoor activities, there are sub-categories such as family activities, reading and writing and imaginative play just to mention a few. Under outdoor activities, there are sub-categories such as backyard play and water play just to mention a few.

Family activities
There are so many activities you can engage in as a family. For instance, you can do the Spaghetti Dance. You can do this dance whenever you prepare spaghetti in your house. Your children will be copying exactly what the spaghetti does; how it dances and swirls in the water. Another fun game is the Two Truths and a Fib. Basically what you will be doing when playing this game is figuring out which statement is false. There is also a game called Musical Animals, another version of the popular Musical Chairs game.

Reading and writing
When it comes to reading and writing you can play a game called Just Jokes. What you simply do is that you make a joke book in which you showcase your children’s favorite jokes. This will also assist your kids to build their drawing and writing skills. Another fun game is called When I Grow Up. With this game you will basically have your children write down what they think their lives will be like when they grow up. There is also a game called the Happiness List. This allows children to list all the things that make them happy.

Imaginative play
This category includes games such as Animal Dress-Up. Basically, with this game, you will allow your child to play dress-up with dolls and stuffed animals. Another game is Make a Sentence. This is a fun activity to do with your children. Basically, you will be telling stories by creating a story on the fly.

Backyard play
Backyard play involves activities such as After School Olympic Games. This is a popular game at kid’s parties where they take part in Olympic-type games. Another popular game is Fox and Geese. To play this game of tag, you will require four or more players as well as a big open area of snow.

Water play
Your kids can also play water games such as Backyard Water Games. The games are fun and they keep the children cool during those hot summer days. You can even take part in a bubble blowing contest with your children. Another fun party activity is river rafting. Your children can make a raft using plastic bottles.

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